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FAQ: Do I need to clear-cut trees from my property to be "fire safe?"

Trees are ok around a home's defensible space if chosen and located wisely and properly maintained.

 Question:  I have lots of trees on my property.  Am I supposed to cut those down?  It can cost thousands of dollars per tree!   Help!

Answer:  Absolutely not!  Regarding defensible space, we specifically state that mature, native trees rarely need to be removed.  Have an arborist check each tree for health.  Remove all dead wood; remove lower limbs to raise the "skirt" of the trees to at least 6’ above the ground; remove “ladder” fuel such as brush, shrubs, and grass beneath the trees.  Thin the canopy and keep the trees healthy with irrigation appropriate to the species.

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A Fire Safe Home in 7 Days


Please follow our NEW feature - How to Prepare Your Home and Family For Wildfire in 7-Days!  While wildfire preparedness is a year-round endeavor, you can substantially increase the safety of your family and home in one-week by following our step-by-step guide.

Day 1: Clean Your Roof and Rain Gutters!Day 2: Cut Your Grass!Day 3: Expand Your Defensible SpaceDay 4: Choose the Right PlantsDay 5: Now that You're Ready, Get Set!Day 6: Go! Create an Evacuation PlanDay 7: Help a Neighbor, Organize a Neighborhood
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Should I put a Sprinkler on My Roof (or stand there with a garden hose?)

Don't Be This Guy

Remember that Marin is under a Red Flag Warning from the National Weather Service until 11PM tonight! 

At FIRESafe MARIN, we are very happy to see many Marin neighborhoods becoming engaged about wildfire safety.  During a recent online discussion, one clever neighbor suggested installing "rain-bird" type sprinklers on a roof as a way to prevent embers from igniting a home.  Discussions and suggestions to improve fire safety among neighbors are extremely valuable, and will benefit us all in the long-run.  That said, this particular suggestion (turning on rain-bird sprinklers when a wildfire is burning nearby) is not advised, for a number of reasons.  

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FIRESafe MARIN Nears Completion on Several Vegetation Management Projects

Roadside Vegetation Removal in Larkspur's Madrone Canyon improves evacuation routes

Each year, FIRESafe MARIN conducts a variety of fire hazard reduction projects in Marin County's Wildland/Urban Interface (WUI) areas.  Projects are funded through Federal, State, and local grants, private grants from partners such as PG&E, and private contributions and donations.

2014-2017 were FIRESafe MARIN's most successful years ever.  In 2017 several new grants were awarded to fund our wildfire prevention projects, bringing the four-year funding total to $1,249,773.  Our fuel reduction and wildfire prevention efforts in span the entire county, from West Marin to Sausalito, involving thousands of volunteer hours and dozens of state, federal, and local public land management agencies, private homeowner's associations, businesses, PG&E, and every Marin fire agency.  

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9 Marin Communities Achieve Firewise Recognition. Is Yours Next?


The Firewise Communities/USA Recognition Program is a process that empowers neighbors to work together in reducing their wildfire risk. Join the growing network of more than 1,028 recognized Firewise communities taking action and ownership in preparing and protecting their homes against the threat of wildfire.   


Using a five-step process, communities develop an action plan that guides their residential risk reduction activities, while engaging and encouraging their neighbors to become active participants in building a safer place to live. Neighborhoods throughout the United States are embracing the benefits of becoming a recognized Firewise Community – and you can too!

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Wildfires Raging in California.


Dozens of Marin Firefighters from every local fire department are deployed across California battling wildfires.  Extreme fire weather conditions have contributed to rapidly growing wildfires in nearly every county in California.  Marin is no exception - complete your defensible space, harden your home, and prepare for evacuation TODAY before it's too late.  

As California's fire season is fully underway, there are approximately 5,000 firefighters out battling 14 large blazes across the state as of Sunday. Cal Fire officials say they are anticipating thunderstorms in parts of the state as a low-pressure trough brings a slight cooling trend.

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Don't Fly Your Drone Near Wildfires!


It may seem like fun to take some aerial action photography when a wildfire is burning in Marin.  DON'T DO IT!  FIREFIGHTING AIRCRAFT fly low and fast, often beneath the 400' hobby aircraft ceiling.  If a hobby drone is spotted anywhere in the vicinity of a wildfire (during a wildfire, airspace is closed for several miles in all directions), all firefighting aircraft will be grounded for safety, and you may be responsible for their inability to fight the fire.  Flying a drone near a wildfire is a crime and puts firefighters, pilots and anyone living in the path of the fire at risk.

The first fire season since the end of California’s historic five-year drought is off to a raging start, with blazes burning throughout much of the state this weekend.  As of early Sunday, firefighters are battling 16 active wildfires that have scorched nearly 49,000 acres amid a summer heat wave, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection reported on its statewide fire map.

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Are You Registered With Alert Marin?

Register with Alert Marin to receive text and phone alerts in the event of an evacuation or emergency in your community!

If a wildfire requires evacuation in Marin and time allows, emergency managers will use the "Alert Marin" system to send out notifications by telephone, cellular, VOIP, and text message.  If you live, work or go to school in Marin County and are 18 and over, you may register your cell phone or VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone to receive emergency alerts sent by call, text, email, or smartphone application from the County of Marin.

Listed and unlisted/blocked Marin County landline phone numbers are already included in the Alert Marin emergency notification system.  Cell phone and VoIP numbers are not included and will require your registration in our Self-Registration Portal.

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FREE Firewise Class - CANCELLED

We we are very sorry to announce that this class has been CANCELLED.  FIRESafe MARIN and Mill valley fire department will work to reschedule the class in the future. Thank you for your understanding. FREEE 1-Day On-Site Workshop Sponsored by Mill Valley Fire Department and FIRESafe MARIN

Open to all Marin residents.  This is a great class for homeowners, landscapers, insurance professionals, tree workers, firefighters, or anyone interested in reducing the risk of wildfire around their home and in their neighborhood.

It’s NOT ‘luck’ or ‘a miracle’ when homes survive wildfires! We know that we can’t change the path of a tornado, but we can change the path of a wildfire! Our homes and communities can survive, even severe wildfires!

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Upcoming Chipper Days


FIRESafe MARIN supports community chipper days across Marin each year.  Check for your neighborhood and prepare your Defensible Space today!

West Marin

July 8 - 9, 2017 - West Marin/Nicasio

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