Shrub Grass


  • Bambusa spp.
  • Lifeform: Shrub, Grass
  • Fire Resistance: Poor
  • Native: No


Bamboo is a grass species, commonly grown as a screen or hedge. Invasive and very fire prone, it should be removed within 30 ' of structures.

Most species of Bambusa are rather large, with numerous branches emerging from the nodes, and one or two much larger than the rest. The branches can be as long as 11 m (35 ft). They are native to Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan, the Himalayas, New Guinea, Melanesia, and the Northern Territory of Australia. Bamboos are grasses, invasive, and extremely prone to fire during the summer months.

Care & Maintenance:

Remove all Bamboo within 30' of structures. Any remaining bamboo must be maintained completely free of dead leaves and materials, especially around the base (nearly impossible - repeat frequently).

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Bamboo Bambusa spp.

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