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KRON 4 Profiles Marin Wildfire Detection Cameras; Cameras Monitor Marin Fires

KRON 4 Profiles Marin Wildfire Detection Cameras; Cameras Monitor Marin Fires

Marin's new wildfire detection camera system was profiled Friday by the Bay Area's KRON4 News.  August 14 and 15, the high-tech system was used by Marin's fire service to monitor and locate wildfires in San Rafael and Ross.  Each wildfire was contained quickly, despite hot, dry conditions.

MARIN COUNTY (KRON) — Marin County Firefighters have a new tool to spot and fight wildfires.

KRON 4’s Maureen Kelly shows the 24-7 technology that gives first responders a better vantage point.

Personnel manning the Marin County fire command center now have a new way to watch for wildfires. Six cameras now sit on top of elevated peaks to give a better view of the vast and mountainous terrain. But they don’t have to keep their eyes constantly trained on the screens because the technology is designed to send an alert when it detects something burning.



While FIRESafe MARIN and Marin County Fire Department offer a "live" view of the cameras online, we want to remind residents and visitors that the view on our website is a limited version of the full display available to fire managers, and is NOT intended for the public to monitor their neighborhoods for fires or provide evacuation information...

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