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Open Burning Ban Reinstated in Marin Due to Predicted Fire Weather

Burn Ban in Effect for Marin County

With a National Weather Service warning in place for high winds coming this weekend, Marin County Fire Department Chief Jason Weber has indefinitely suspended open burning in Marin County.

Please refrain from pile burning until after the predicted fire weather recedes.
{NOTE: FIRESafe MARIN recommends that Marin residents refrain from any outdoor activity with open flames or sparks, including gas or charcoal barbecues, welding, grinding, or power tool use}

“We are suspending open burning because of predicted fire weather, the lack of precipitation, and unusually dry fuel conditions for this time of year,” Weber said on December 14. “This directive will remain in effect until adequate precipitation is received and fuel conditions are moderated.”

The National Weather Service’s San Francisco bureau issued a Fire Weather Watch on December 14 because of predicted northerly winds of 15-30 mph with gusts of more than 50 mph. The strongest gusts are expected to be in the hills of the North Bay and East Bay.

Open burning, including agricultural burning and controlled burning for fire fuels reduction, is suspended. Residents are asked to discontinue plans for any outdoor burning in fire pits or wood-burning stoves during the wind event. 

Marin County Fire and local agencies have 21 engines committed to the Thomas Fire in Southern California and more than 100 personnel on the front lines and at incident management posts. Weber said his department is adequately prepared to respond to new and emerging incidents within Marin and encourages all residents and visitors to use the utmost caution to reduce the risk of unwanted fire.

“This has been one of the longest and certainly most devastating fire seasons in California history,” Weber said. “Never has it been so critical that residents join fire agencies in creating defensible space and preparing for the inevitable”

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