Fire Insurance: Are You Covered?

When it comes to protecting your home from wildfire, insurance is a necessary part of the plan. Leading insurance experts Amy Bach, Executive Director (United Policyholders); Joel Laucher, Insurance Consultant (Regulatory Insurance Advisors and United Policyholders); and Janet Ruiz, Director – Strategic Communications (Insurance Information Institute) share their expertise and the latest information and resources about fire insurance in California. Special guest host: Chief Bill Tyler (Novato Fire District). In this webinar you will learn how to keep your assets insured and how to navigate a difficult insurance market; what to do if you’ve been non-renewed or dropped by your insurance company; and, what preparedness and advocacy is being done to fix the insurance problem. Living with Fire in Marin County webinar series (July 2021)
0:00 Introduction
2:40 Insurance Industry Overview – Joel Laucher (United Policy Holders)
19:25 Q & A wih Joel Laucher
22:41 Are You Financially Prepared? – Janet Ruiz (Insurance Information Institute)
32:24 Q & A wih Janet Ruiz
43:27 Fire Insurance. Are You Covered? – Amy Bach (United Policy Holders)
58:36 Q & A with Amy Bach
1:01:25 Roundtable discussion