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Fire-Smart Landscaping: Environmental Considerations for Homeowners

In this webinar learn how fire mitigation strategies are not at odds with environmental best practices. A healthy, biodiverse and resilient landscape is what we need to defend against catastrophic wildfires and protect our future. Includes: Intro to Environmentally Sound Practices Partnership; tips for homeowners to assess their properties for birds and other nesting animals, learning the best times and conditions for pruning and removing fire prone growth while preserving biodiversity; and, highlights from Novato on the work Wildfire Mitigation Specialists are doing around home assessments to help homeowners maker improvements to vegetation management and home hardening on their properties. Featured guests: Mike Swezy (Marin Conservation League); Nate Clark, Biodiversity and Fuels Projects Coordinator from Marin County Open Space District; Yvette Blount (Novato Fire Protection District). Living with Fire webinar series (May 2021)
0:00 Introduction
2:05 Environmentally Sound Practices and Recommendations
14:17 Q & A with Mike Swezy (Marin Conservation League)
20:23 Habitat & Nesting
40:34 Q & A with Nate Clark (Marin County Open Space)
46:50 Wildfire Mitigation Evaluators
54:55 Q & A with Yvette Blount (Novato Fire District)
1:02:00 Roundtable with Rich Shortall (FIRESafe MARIN), Mike Swezy (MCL), Nate Clark (MCOSP) and Yvette Blount (NFD)

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