FIRESafe MARIN: Wildfire Home Hardening Workshop for Building Industry Professionals and Architects

Recognizing that home-hardening through improved architectural design, ember and ignition resistant material selection, and retrofitting existing buildings are the most important factors in improving home survival during wildfires, FIRESafe MARIN has developed a seminar and training curriculum to introduce building professionals to these concepts.

Taught by experts in the field of building science, home hardening, and wildfire, this seminar is intended for building industry professionals to:

Train the contractor, handyman, architect, and owner/builder to recognize structural vulnerabilities to wildfires and embers;
Introduce ignition and ember resistant designs and materials;
Provide home-hardening and retrofitting resources;
Encourage building modifications to reduce the likelihood of structural ignitions during wildfires;
Develop a list of contractors to provide Marin homeowners with access to knowledgeable professionals;
Meet manufacturers and see ignition resistant and noncombustible building materials.
**A live fire demonstration was conducted immediately following the seminar to demonstrate the differences between ordinary and fire-resistant construction.

Stephen L. Quarles, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist for Wildfire and Durability (retired)
Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS)

Todd Lando
Executive Coordinator, FIRESafe MARIN
Wildfire Hazard Mitigation and Vegetation Management Consultant

Ruben Martin
Fire Marshal, Central Marin Fire Department

Larry Pasero
Fire Inspector, Kentfield Fire Protection District