Powered & Prepared: Resources and Training for People with Disabilities

Powered & Prepared. This webinar covers emergency resources and training for people with disabilities in Marin. We all need to be part of a strategic plan that sets people up for success and gets them the resources they need to get out of harm’s way. Speakers: Eli Geradin (Executive Director of Marin Center for Independent Living) walks through emergency plans that take into consideration different needs and abilities. Mary Davis, Hattie Cook and Debra Judd share personal stories of emergency preparation and the power of community. Maurice Pollard (Marin CIL), Jody Timms (Marin Commission on Aging) and Adrianna Radkin (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters) talk about the network of resources that can help Marin residents. Living with Fire in Marin webinar series (August 2021)