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Wildfire Watch Episode 1 – trailer

Wildfire Watch is a new TV series that addresses residents’ concerns and provides the most current wildfire prevention and preparedness information they need to protect their family and home. Episode 1: Ember Storms + When the Power Goes Out. Highlights include: Fire Beat, a recurring segment that delivers up-to-the-minute news on fire activity and mitigation efforts throughout Marin; Ember demonstration, how certain plants are more prone to ember ignition, challenging residents to make their homes ember safe; Interview with a first responder about what’s it like on the front lines, the critical decisions it takes to assess the situation, get people to safety and contain a fire; Do-It-Yourself a how-to access the first five-feet or your home for vulnerabilities ahead of a Red Flag Warning; In Studio Discussion with trained defensible space inspectors to talk about the most common fire hazard issues around a home and practical fixes.

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