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Wildfire Watch: Episode 3 – Are Trees A Threat?

Wildfire Watch is a new TV series that addresses residents’ concerns and provides current wildfire prevention and preparedness information in a fast-paced and engaging way.

Episode 3 takes a look at something we can’t live without, but need to learn how to manage properly: trees! Take away simple tips to assess the trees around your home, how to maintain trees on your property safely and what trees pose the greatest fire risk from professionals who have seen it all.

Zany and fun DIY Guy Arann Harris teams up with Marin County Fire Chief Jason Weber and his trusty Weber barbecue to take us behind the scenes of their fire lab and show us what it can look like when Italian Cypress burns.

Table of Contents

0:10 Introduction
1:15 Voices of Marin, residents’ concerns about trees
2:43 Interview with Deputy Fire Marshall Lynn Osgood, tree hazards
8:22 DIY Guy, how to maintain trees safely
14:23 Mythbuster, my neighbor’s tree
15:50 Weber’s Weber, Italian Cypress burn
25:19 Q & A from residents
26:03 Tree maintenance song

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