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Wildfire Watch: Episode 4 – The Cost of Wildfire

We get it — doing wildfire prevention work around your home can be costly. But consider what is at stake. In this episode, residents from Paradise, California offer an urgent message for us to wake up and get busy. Find out how to cut costs by doing the work yourself, offset costs through local and state grant programs, and stay insured in case of disaster.

Table of contents

00:10 Introduction – Hosted by Novato Fire Chief Bill Tyler
01:46 Voices of Marin local residents express concerns and ask questions
04:00 Lessons from Paradise – residents share their lessons from their loss
12:12 Interview – Assembymember Marc Levin discusses state grants and wildfire insurance ratings
16:54 Fire Beat – MWPA Executive Coordinator Mark Brown tells us what’s happening around Marin
18:23 Firehouse Rock: Preparation Jam – an animated music video
19:49 DIY – How to install fire resistant vents
26:51 Mythbusters – Battalion Chief Todd Lando debunks the notion that fire resistant materials are more costly
Closing (28:00) Chief Tyler points us to local wildfire mitigation grants for Marin residents

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