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Ventilation products perform vital functions in the maintenance of a safe, energy efficient and healthy home. The products you choose should be designed with that in mind and not as an afterthought.

At Brandguard Vents, we are proud to announce a full line of premium ventilation products that exceed the standard in every way.

  • Protection from direct flame intrusion, radiant heat, and flying embers
  • Approved WUI Product for use in Very High Fire Severity Zones
  • Ideal for use where fire spread is a concern
Ember Defense LLC

Ember Defense LLC

Installs Vulcan Vents and Valor Gutter Guards

Embers Out

Embers Out is focused on providing a well-engineered, proven, thoroughly tested, and certified solution to home ventilation needs.   Our vents are designed to block harmful outside elements wherever the home is located all while maintaining superior ventilation.  The homeowner’s comfort and peace of mind combined with State-mandated building code requirement compliance are the driving force behind our vent designs. 

Vulcan Vents

Thousands of homes burn from the inside because of the flames and/or embers (sometimes from miles away) going through the vents and igniting a fire inside. Vulcan Vents are

  • Flame resistant
  • Ember resistant
  • Designed for excellent airflow


Custom Reflective Address Signs

Seconds can make the difference in a life or death situation. The last thing you need are emergency responders struggling to find you. Get your sign now to keep that from happening.

Emergency responders identify our big bright letters better than small discreet ones most home owners use. 

Place one of these where Emergency resnders can see them and you're good to go.

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