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"Marin on Fire" is FIRESafe MARIN's award winning video series, narrated by Peter Coyote, describing the unique conditions that make Marin susceptible to wildfire, and the concrete actions residents and neighbors can take to mitigate hazards and control their risk.  Take the time to watch this four-part series and share with your friends and neighbors.


Kate Dargan, California's State Fire Marshall, introduces this series of videos that provide simple tools to safeguard your home against wildfire.


How fire resistant building materials will fortify your home against an approaching wildfire.


Create a landscape that will keep fire away from your house.


Identify and remove vegetation hazards on your property.


Develop a strategy to protect your neighborhood during the next wildfire.

Bonus! "Reverend Wildfire"

Watch the legendary "Reverend Wildfire" (Jack Macburt, MCFD, retired) as he preaches wildfire safety and firefighting tactics and strategy circa 1990.

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