Marin WIldfire Prevention Authority Initiative

A Countywide Fire Prevention & Mitigation Initiative

Marin Wildfire PRevention AuthorityTo address Marin’s need for coordinated action to reduce wildfire risk, local fire agencies, municipal and county governments, and FIRESafe MARIN have proposed creation of a new joint powers authority (JPA): Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority (MWPA).

Based on recommendations in the 2019 Marin Civil Grand Jury Report on Wildfire Preparedness, 2018 “Lessons Learned from North Bay Fire Siege“ report, and 2016 Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP), MWPA will focus on creating and sustaining coordinated local wildfire safety and preparedness programs. The initiative will  fund accelerated wildfire hazard reduction efforts and address needs identified existing plans including the 2016 Marin County Community Wildfire Protection Plan. Building upon lessons learned from recent catastrophic events, MWPA will deliver enhanced resources to local agencies to inform, engage and prepare the public and reduce wild land fire hazards to local residents. 

Key elements include:

  • Early Alert & Evacuation Safety Improvements
  • Hazard Reduction & Vegetation Management
  • Expanded Public Education
  • Defensible Space Management Programs
  • Specific Local Community Project Funding

Download the MWPA fact sheet:

mwpa fact sheet

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