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Fire-Smart Landscaping Tip - February

Right Tree, Right Place.

A fire-smart landscape can have many types of trees. Remember the design of defensible spaces in your garden. Plan ahead. Space trees so that at maturity the canopies will have 10 feet of clearance from the roof and chimney. 

  • Trees shade, cool, clean the air, sequester carbon, and support wildlife for an earth-friendly garden.
  • Trees offer privacy, edible fruit, noise reduction, colorful flowers, and seasonal foliage.
  • Select a tree adapted to your climate zone and your garden conditions.
  • Consider maintenance. Evergreen trees produce fallen leaves and debris year-round. Deciduous or fruiting trees drop leaves or fruit annually.
  • Thin trees so that the branches between trees or groupings of trees do not touch and have at least 10 ft. separation between groups of trees.

Questions about choosing and placing the right tree to create a fire-smart landscape?  Visit http://marinmg.ucanr.edu/Fire-smart_Landscaping/

Right Tree photo Plant Master Feb 2021

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