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FIRESafe MARIN expands its chipper program in 2021

Chipper Report 2020 (Released January 2021)

FIRESafe MARIN sponsors “chipper days” that allow us to assist communities, homeowner's associations, fire departments, and individual landowners with vegetation-fuel reduction to reduce wildfire hazards in Marin.  In 2021, with funding support from the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority (MWPA), FIRESafe MARIN has expanded on the successes of our 2020 program to help more Marin residents dispose of larger amounts of  fire-hazardous vegetation with FREE community curbside chipper pick-up.

Most Marin residents can expect two curbside chipper events in 2021. Please go to chipperday.com/marin to find the date for your address and to register. The following schedule is approximate.

Suggested piles size is 10’x4’x4’. Have a bigger pile?  You can request a larger-sized pile pickup during registration. We’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

Pre-registration Required.


 View the interactive map to find event dates and areas.



 Dates after July 1, 2021 are subject to approval by Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority (MWPA) Board.

Please go to www.chipperday.com/marin to find the event week for your address, the following schedule is approximate.

2021 sched pub CM Fair Kent Green

2021 sched pub Lark MV

2021 sched pub Nov Ross

2021 sched pub SA

2021 sched pub SR

2021 sched pub W Marin



  • Pre-registration is required: Residents can register at https://www.chipperday.com/marin
  • Signup is on a first-come, first-served basis. When we have reached our capacity, any additional registrants will be placed on a waitlist. Residents on the waitlist will not receive a pickup unless they receive a confirmation email due to a cancellation.
  • Please note: piles are required to be ready at the curb by 8am Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) and will be picked up by Friday of the same week.

Watch our video with tips on making a proper chipper "pile" for pick-up at your home.

What CAN go in the chipper?

  • Tree limbs up to 8” in diameter.
  • Shrubs, brush, limbs, woody bushes, broom species, cypress, juniper, firewood.
  •  Lay all vegetation the same way with the base of the branch or plant at the same end.

What WILL be taken but can't be put in the chipper?

  • Bamboo, palm fronds, pampas grass - place next to pile.​


  • Trash, poison oak, blackberry brambles, construction materials, lumber, regular yard waste, leaves, lawn clippings, bamboo roots, roots with rocks/gravel/dirt.
  • Bagged or tied materials of any kind.

Still Have Questions?

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This is a benefit of MWPA and FireSafe Marin to prepare for the wildfire season, this free chipper event is not intended to remove all vegetation that residents wish or need to remove.

Chipper Contractors:

Chipper  Contractors:  All questions regading the RFP for the chipper contracts can be found in the following link:


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