Wildfire Preparedness

The geography, weather patterns, open-space, and vegetation in Marin makes us particularly vulnerable to wildfire. To help educate property owners and residents in areas most at risk, FIRESafe MARIN uses the “Ready, Set, Go!” education program. Ready, Set, Go! helps organize the preparation actions needed by residents and businesses to be ready for wildfire.

Are You Ready?

Find out what the experts know about the best way to make your home and neighborhood safer from wildfire. From the basics of defensible space and sound landscaping techniques to research on how homes ignite (and what you can do about it), FIRESafe MARIN offers tips, tools and teachings you can use!


Prepare Your Home


Prepare for Evacuation


Evacuate early!

Defensible Space

Vegetation and Landscaping


FIre Resistant Plant List


A Critical Barrier

Hardening Your Home

FIre Resistant Construction


Wildfire's Biggest Threat


The Last Defense

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