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Zone 0 – Ember Resistant Zone

Zone Zero

This zone extends 0 to 5 feet from your house. It’s the area closest to your house, including plants, decks, outdoor furniture, and the outside walls and coverings. This area is most vulnerable and should be more aggressively maintained for fire resistance.

  • Remove combustible outdoor furniture. Replace with metal or non-combustible varieties.
  • Replace jute or natural fiber doormats with heavy rubber or metal grates.
  • Remove or relocate all combustible materials including garbage and recycling containers, lumber, trash, and patio accessories.
  • Clean all fallen leaves and needles.
  • No vegetation is recommended within 5’ of any structure.
  • Remove tree limbs that extend into this zone. Fire-prone tree varieties should be removed if they extend into this zone.
  • Do not store firewood, lumber, or combustibles here, even (especially) under decks or overhangs. Move stored combustibles inside or at least 30’ from any structure.
  • Use only inorganic, non-combustible mulches such as stone or gravel.
  • Hardscaping is strongly recommended around the base of structures.
Good use of gravel mulch and hardscape walkway in Zone 0
Colorful, low growing flower pots on rock mulch is a good design for Zone 0
Firesafe vegetation setback five feet (zone 0) with gravel path

The State of California has passed legislation related to the Five Foot Buffer Zone. Here is a Power Point from their Workshop

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