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Zone 1 – Lean, Clean & Green Zone

Zone 1

Zone 1, sometimes referred to as the “Lean, Clean and Green Zone” extends from your house’s exterior walls to a distance of 30 feet.

  • Remove all dead grasses, weeds, plants, & foliage.
  • Remove all fallen leaves, needles, twigs, bark, cones, and small branches.
  • Remove “Gorilla Hair” or shredded bark mulch.
  • Use only compost or heavy bark mulch to maintain soil moisture, or for erosion control.
  • Choose only fire-smart plants, and keep them healthy and well irrigated.
  • Remove fire-hazardous plants.
  • Provide spacing between shrubs, at least 2 times the height of the mature plant. Add space on steeper slopes.
  • Trim trees to remove limbs 6’ to 10’ from the ground.
  • Remove branches that overhang your roof or within 10’ of chimneys.
  • Move firewood & lumber out of Zone 1, or cover in a fire-resistant enclosure.
  • Remove combustibles around and under decks and awnings.
  • Clear vegetation around fences, sheds, outdoor furniture, play structures.
  • Outbuildings and liquid propane storage tanks should have at least 10’ of clearance.
  • Maintain regularly, focusing on the areas closest to structures.

Low growing native plant design and good use of boulders and gravel mulch by April Owens Design

Bench next to rock wall overlooking birdbath creates horizontal space along with California native plant flowering island bed in gravel paths, April Owens Design

Rock wall firebreak for island beds, April Owens Design

Home hardened courtyard patio with cement stepping stone pavers, colorful rock mulch; Firescape design, April Owens Design

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