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Red Flag Warning Signs

About the Program

Fire Safe Marin has collaborated with multiple Marin agencies to design and create a standardized Red Flag Warning sign. All participating fire agencies and non-governmental agencies (Firewise sites, Homeowner’s Associations, etc.) shall only display Red Flag Warning Signs when directed to do so by the Marin County Fire Chiefs.

Funded by the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority (MWPA), twenty large, multi-purpose Red Flag Warning signs were created as a pilot program for distribution to fire agencies. These signs replaced older roadway signs previously funded by Fire Safe Marin. On Red Flag days the signs are opened and locked into place to display the “Red Flag Warning Today” message. When it is not a Red Flag event, the signs are locked closed but are equipped with inserts that can display multiple safety messages.

A mockup of the sign’s proposed design.

A photo of one of our signs in the community.

Firewise sites, HOA’s, and other Marin communities have also received signs designed to easily fit over the existing Firewise signs that are placed at the entrance to these communities. The signs have dual messaging: “Red Flag Warning Today” displayed on the front, and various safety messages displayed on the back, making them available for use all year long.

red flag warning signs

Signs for display in Firewise USA communities.


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