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Zone 3 – Access Zone

Zone 3

Zone 3, the “access” zone, extends from 3′ to at least 10′ horizontally from the edge of roads and driveways, and 14′ overhead. Property owners are responsible for vegetation adjacent to roads and driveways.  Access roads are critical for evacuation and first responder access.

  • Clear vegetation 14’ overhead and 10’ from sides of roads and driveways in the same manner as Defensible Space Zone 1.
  • Maintain 12’ of unobstructed pavement for passage of vehicles.
  • Within this zone, plantings shall be fire resistant and must not extend into the roadway.
  • 14’ of clearance is required above the roadway for emergency vehicle access.
  • Address numbers must be clearly visible from the road, with at least 4” numbers on a contrasting background.  Reflective or lighted numbers are best.
  • Create vertical spacing between shrubs, and lower tree limbs.
  • Cut all grasses.
Zone 3 - Access Zone

Vegetation to be removed along critical evacuation route

Clear combustible debris from driveway so that you can evacuate and first responders can reach your home

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