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We educate residents through 13 programmatic areas, cultivating collaboration and inclusivity to build a wildfire-resilient community.

Adapting to Wildfire CampaignA public information campaign that raises awareness and empowers residents to take part in reducing community risk from wildfire.
WebsiteMaintain a premier website with the most up-to-date, science-based wildfire information on home hardening, defensible space, and Firewise communities.
Newsletter & Social mediaProduce a monthly e-newsletter and daily posts to social media with tips and resources to prepare home and family for wildfire. Sign up for the newsletter here.
VideosProduce award-winning educational videos featuring expert advice, tips, and motivation for residents to prepare themselves and their homes for wildfire. Access the full library on FSM’s YouTube Channel.
Strategic PartnershipsCollaborate with public, private and non-profit organizations on various public outreach and education efforts. We work in partnership with cities, towns, and community-based organizations.
Professional TrainingsDevelop training programs for specific audiences like landscapers and contractors. Landscape professional wildfire education.
Firewise USAWork closely with the National Fire Protection Agency’s Firewise USA™ program and residents to support wildfire mitigation activities.
Bilingual outreachProduce core educational content in Spanish and actively cultivate relationships in Spanish-speaking communities to raise awareness.
SchoolsRaise awareness among students by maintaining ongoing relationships with schools and creating educational content such as the 5th grade Ready, Set, Go program.
Community AmbassadorsManage a network of trained ambassadors to communicate the basic Fire Safe Marin wildfire preparedness messages to residents at community events.
Print & SignageMaintain a depository of educational print materials like guides, brochures, flyers, and outdoor signage. Materials are available to community partners and Firewise Leaders at the “cache”, a central storage unit.
Wildfire Watch SpecialsProduce TV specials that respond to residents’ concerns, and provide current wildfire prevention and preparedness information to keep residents safe.
Ember StompProduce the annual wildfire prevention festival showcasing Marin’s leadership in bringing the community together to address wildfire and the significant prevention efforts underway.
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