Our Mission

FIRESafe MARIN is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing Wildland Fire hazards and improving Fire-safety awareness in Marin County, California.  We foster community involvement by building partnerships and providing resources for mitigating fire danger.

Our Values

Leadership – We provide guidance and direction through our varied professional backgrounds.

Empowering Communities – We enable communities to achieve wildfire risk reduction through education and financial support.

Inclusive – We provide multiple services to help reduce the threat of wildfire and improve defensible space in Marin.

Collaborative – We work as a group with the common goal of fire safety in Marin.

Responsive – We make it a priority to be available and at the ready for all Marin residents.

Dedicated – We are committed to the residents of Marin in reducing the threat of wildfire.

FIRESafe MARIN History

In the aftermath of the Oakland Hills fire in 1991, several public agencies and private interests wanted to reduce the likelihood that a similar tragedy would be repeated in Marin County.

FIRESafe MARIN was formed to promote fire safety and stimulate communities to collaborate when solving problems related to wildland fire protection.

 FIRESafe MARIN is a non-profit organization coordinated by:

  • Homeowners and neighborhoods
  • Community service organizations
  • Emergency management agencies
  • Fire departments
  • Insurance companies
  • Public land managers
  • Utility companies

Our Activities

  • FIRESafe MARIN promotes effective fire safety by informing groups interested in wildfire preparedness and vegetation fuels management
  • Develop educational programs to reduce the risk and hazard associated with wildfires
  • Sponsoring educational programs for professionals to reduce the risk of wildfires
  • Coordinating vegetation reduction projects
  • Developing technical tips for reducing property losses due to wildfire and managing vegetation
  • Providing localized lists of fire-resistant and fire-prone plants
  • Develop, support, and promote Firewise USA recognized communities
  • Senior citizen assistance projects

FIRESafe MARIN   |   P.O. Box 2831  |   San Anselmo, CA 94979   |   info@firesafemarin.org

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