Embers Out is focused on providing a well-engineered, proven, thoroughly tested, and certified solution to home ventilation needs.   Our vents are designed to block harmful outside elements wherever the home is located all while maintaining superior ventilation.  The homeowner’s comfort and peace of mind combined with State-mandated building code requirement compliance are the driving force behind our vent designs. 

Our patented Gable, Soffit, and Foundation Vents meet California building code SFM 12-7A and are ASTM E2886/E2886M-14 certified. They are Cal-fire approved and listed for use in areas prone to wildfire. Our Filters are designed to meet SFM 12- 7A and ASTM E2886/E2886M-14. Standard louvered vents provide zero protection from destructive elements like fire embers, rain, and rodents, and are susceptible to rust and deterioration.  Embers Out vents and filters improve attic ventilation, stop internal water damage, and last a lifetime.  Our products are proudly made in the U.S.A.  using the highest quality materials and our vents come with a lifetime warranty.  Now offering installation for our vents and filters!


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