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Bald Hill

bald hill

Our 313 homes are located on the following streets in San Anselmo: Chipman Pl., Crescent Rd., Echo Ct., Encina Pl., Fernwood Dr., Foss Ave., Hillcrest Ave., Hillside Ave., Idalia Ct., Idalia Rd., Kemp Ave., Laurel Ave., Melville Ave., Oak Ave., Olive Ave., Redwood Rd., Savannah Ave., South Oak Ave., Sunnyside Rd., Vine Ave., White Way, and Woodhaven Rd. in Ross. The Bald Hill Firewise area is centered around Laurel Canyon. The canyon runs roughly east to west from a low point on the east end (near Kemp Ave) to a high point on the west end on Bald Hill at Redwood Road.

In September 2020, Woodhaven was integrated with Bald Hill Firewise as they are contiguous and share the same terrain features and concerns.  If you have specific questions about Woodhaven you can contact

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