Grant Opportunities

Fire Safe Marin receives many inquiries from residents about grant funding or other financial assistance for vegetation removal or home hardening projects. Fire Safe Marin does not manage any grant programs for residents. Some Marin County Fire Agencies do have limited financial assistance available. Several other Marin agencies are considering introducing new grant programs. The Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority also plans to introduce in November 2021 a grant program targeting seniors and members of the Access and Functional Needs community who meet income requirements. It is possible that the State of California will introduce additional grant programs in the future, but direct assistance to residents is not currently available.

IMPORTANT: Some contractors may tell homeowners to proceed with work because it will be paid for through a grant. All grant funded work requires prior approval from the funding agency.

Current Financial Assistance Programs

Novato Fire Protection District

All Novato Residents can participate in the grant program after a full home assessment.

The grant provides a $0.50 match for every $1.00 of expenditure by the Pre-Approved Applicant. This is a first come, first serve grant until budget limits are reached. The maximum amount of reimbursement will not exceed the set amount for each grant.

Grant TypeMaximum Reimbursement Amount
HOA VMMGP$1,500.00

San Rafael Fire Department

The San Rafael Fire Department has partnered with AmeriCorps St. Louis to directly help low-income, elderly, and disabled homeowners reduce the wildfire risk around their home as well as other wildfire mitigation work. This partnership helps create a more resilient and fire-safe San Rafael. The direct assistance will be offered from Mid-June of 2021 until early August.

Please note that although we will strive to help all residents who need it, we cannot guarantee assistance for everyone under this program. Our partner teams from AmeriCorps also may be required to respond to a major emergency elsewhere.

Town of Fairfax

The Town of Fairfax is offering grants for Vegetation Management to Fairfax Residents.

Apply for a grant up to $1000 for low income and seniors and $500 for any Fairfax resident. You just apply first, submit photos and receipts.

Grants awarded on a first toe, first serve basis until the funds allotted have been reached. Grant includes brush clearing and tree trimming. It does not include home gardening.

Sleepy Hollow Fire Protection District

The Sleepy Hollow Fire Protection District has established the Hazardous Vegetation Removal Grant Program. The purpose of this grant program is to encourage Sleepy Hollow residents to create and maintain defensible space around their homes and the perimeter of their properties and take actions to make their homes more fire resistant through the provisions of grant funds to help offset the cost of this undertaking.  If approved, the grant will provide up to $3000 for removal of hazardous species of plants. No match is required. 

Removal of the following species are eligible for reimbursement under this grant program: Arborvitae, Cypress, Junipers, Pampas Grass, and Bamboo.