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Dead trees must be cut and removed. Work safely, and hire a licensed tree service or arborist if necessary.

Why are dead or dying trees a fire hazard?

All plants can burn if dead, poorly maintained, or drought-stressed. Dead trees are a potential fire danger as they allow wildfires to spread more rapidly in these already dry, hot, and drought-stricken conditions. If you have dead or dying trees on your property, regardless of the cause, the entire tree should be removed to reduce wildfire risk.

Tree diseases, such as sudden oak death, or insect infestations can significantly damage the health of the tree. So trees with these issues should also be evaluated. Reach out to a local tree expert if you need assistance.

What do I do about it?

  1. Cut and remove dead or dying trees.
  2. Work safely. In some cases, it may be smart to ask for expert advice from a licensed tree contractor.
  3. Sign up for Chipper Days for free vegetation removal.

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