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Remove tree limbs overhanging structure

Home Evaluation Tip

Limbs with foliage should be pruned where they overhang buildings. Exceptions are allowed if removal of the limb would jeopardize the health or stability of the tree. The goal is to minimize leaf litter on the roof and reduce the exposure of the building to flames if the tree were to ignite.

Why do those limbs pose a threat to my house?

Branches or limbs that overhang any structure can be hazardous. Proper maintenance and trimming can prevent:

  1. Dead leaves or limbs from falling on your roof and creating a fuel hazard.
  2. Spread of wildfire – both from the tree to the home and from the home to the tree.
  3. Unwanted animals from gaining access to your roof.

What do I do about it?

  1. Cut and remove any limbs overhanging any structure.
  2. Work safely. In some cases, it may be smart to ask for expert advice from a licensed tree contractor.
  3. Sign up for Chipper Days for free vegetation removal.

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