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Tree limbs with foliage must be removed if they are within 10′ of a chimney opening.

Why do those limbs pose a threat to my house?

Limbs or branches that are too close to a chimney should be trimmed back from at least 10 feet to prevent the potential spread of fire from the chimney to the tree. Heat or sparks and embers that escape a chimney can pose a fire threat to nearby limbs or trees.

What do I do about it?

  1. Cut and remove any limbs within 10 feet of a chimney or stovepipe outlet.
  2. Chimneys also require a spark arrestor screen with openings no smaller than ⅜” and no larger than ½” to prevent sparks and embers from escaping and igniting a fire.
  3. Work safely. In some cases, it may be smart to ask for expert advice from a licensed tree contractor.
  4. Sign up for Chipper Days for free vegetation removal.

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