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Teaching landscape professionals how to create beautiful, fire-smart yards.

About the Program

FIRESafe MARIN is partnering with the Northern California Landscape Contractors Association (NCLA) to educate landscape professionals about wildfire hazards and how to create beautiful, fire-smart yards.

The pilot program, Fire-Smart Landscaping 101, is a one-hour course that landscape professionals can work through independently and earn a certificate of completion that is recognized by FIRESafe Marin and NCLA. This course uses video instruction, questions, feedback, and checklists to provide landscape professionals up-to-date information and techniques on how to protect homes from wildfires.

The program introduces and explains:

  • Weather conditions that heighten fire danger
  • Embers as the main threat to home ignition
  • Fire and drought-resistant plant choices
  • Plant placement to interrupt the spread of fire
  • Fire-smart mulch choice
  • Limbing trees to prevent vertical ignition
  • The importance of cutting grass, clearing leaves and debris, and maintaining healthy plants

Landscape professionals are on the front line in the effort to create defensible space around the homes of Marin. Well-informed landscapers can help homeowners make a plan to address fire hazards over time. With consistent effort, we can make our collective residential landscape much safer.


Homeowner’s Guide to Wildfire Preparedness in Marin CountyProfessional Landscaper's Training Video

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