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Fire Safe Marin wishes all Marin residents a safe and happy 4th of July.  We hope you enjoy one of the many specatcular firework displays in the Bay Area, and remind all residents and vistors that ALL FIREWORKS ARE ILLEGAL IN MARIN COUNTY!

It is ILLEGAL to possess or discharge fireworks of ANY KIND in Marin County. The law is strictly enforced.  Any person who accidentally starts a wildfire with fireworks may be imprisoned and held liable for the full cost of fighting the fire and any resulting damage.

Marin County Police and Fire personnel are on the watch for illegal fireworks. Persons involved with the sale or use of fireworks are subject to prosecution. Each year citizens are killed and thousands sustain moderate to life changing injuries as reported by emergency rooms across the nation. Hands, eyes, heads, faces and ears are body parts frequently injured by contusion, laceration and foreign bodies in the eyes being very common. Non-fatal injuries range from scarring burns to blindness. Injuries are not the only reason fireworks are illegal. We are in the beginning of severe fire weather with a large vegetation fuel load surrounding us.  Marin has already experienced fireworks related fires this year. It does not matter if they are the “safe & sane” fireworks that may be legal in other parts of the state: ALL FIREWORKS ARE ILLEGAL IN MARIN COUNTY.

Fire Safe Marin

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