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April Tip from the UC Marin Master Gardeners

When you evaluate your fire risk, think lean, clean, and green.

Lean landscapes:
● Plant with appropriate spacing between plants
● Separate clusters of plants from each other with pathways of non-combustible materials

Clean landscapes:
● Remove dried grass, weeds, dead branches, and all other dead vegetation
● Check gutters, roofs, eaves, vents, chimneys, and under decks for leaf and needle litter
● Thin and reduce branches from dense tree canopies

Green landscapes:
● Keep your plants healthy with proper irrigation, and check your irrigation system regularly for
leaks or malfunctions
● Apply compost and mulches to help stabilize soil temperature and prevent evaporation, keeping
soil moist and healthy

Additional learning resources
Plant spacing

For more information on Fire-Smart Landscaping, visit the UC Marin Master Gardeners Website.

Fire Safe Marin

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