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Clean up Your Zone Zero! The first 5 feet next to your home is the most critical to protect it from wildfire.

  • Woody plants, yard debris and mulch near structures can easily ignite from flying embers. Remove from the first five feet of structures.
  • Clean-up areas where wind eddies deposit leaf and plant litter along the perimeter of your home, on the roof, and under decks.  
  • Remove dead, damaged and diseased plant branches, trees and shrubs. Dispose of the material in your green waste bin.
  • Move common combustible fire hazards as far away from your house as possible – or indoors immediately if a nearby fire threatens. These combustible items include brooms, rakes, plastic waste bins, wood piles and natural fiber door mats.

For more Fire-Smart Landscaping information, visit the UC Marin Master Gardener website.

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