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There are no fire-resistant plants since all plants can burn. But there are aspects to consider when selecting plants to include in your fire-smart landscape. Plant spacing, size, and maintenance are all important considerations.


● Plants that have a higher moisture content, lower resin or sap content, and less volatile oils.

● Low-growing plants and plants that don’t produce excessive amounts of dry, combustible vegetation that can act as fuel for fires.

● California native plants that are well adapted to your climate and ecosystem which will be more likely to thrive without excessive watering and maintenance, reducing fire risk.

● Horizontal and vertical spacing between plants and hardscape features that separate plant groupings to break up the path of fire.

Avoid plants that:

● Tend to build up dead thatch inside or under a green surface layer.

● Produce and shed excessive dead, dry, or fine debris.

● Create fire ladders such as vines or shrubs that grow beneath trees and create vertical pathways for fire to climb.

● Are Invasive.

For more information visit UC Marin Master Gardener website

Fire Safe Marin

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