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May Tip from the UC Marin Master Gardeners

In case of a fire, know your best escape routes and keep yourself, your family, and firefighters safe by
maintaining a clean and lean landscape around your property’s exit routes.

● Keep vegetation around your exit routes pruned for clearance and hydrated for optimal plant

● Remove combustible materials such as jute door mats, wood planters and furniture, etc. from
your exits.

● Remove dead plant material and debris from exit routes, and all plant material growing near
doors and windows.

● Replace wood gates, arbors, or trellises near exit routes with metal.

● Have evacuation signs ready to post at home exits. These signs will inform fire personnel that
you have left the property. Check with your local fire department for signs.

Additional learning resources
Plant spacing

For more information on Fire-Smart Landscaping, visit the UC Marin Master Gardeners Website.

Fire Safe Marin

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