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The recent rain has spurred beautiful growth throughout Marin. While we sure need this water, our long, warm summer will dry out this new growth, turning it into fuel for wildfire. It’s important that every homeowner do their part to remove this excess fuel from their yard.

The Marin ChipperDay Program, powered by Fire Aside’s ChipperDay software, makes it easier than ever for residents who are looking to remove hazardous vegetation and create defensible space around their home to schedule a pick-up for their property. 

  • The Chipper Program will now offer 5 pickup opportunities to all residents within the MWPA jurisdiction. These events will be spaced evenly throughout the season and will occur roughly every 5 weeks for all residents.
  • Residents will now be able to “drop a pin” at the exact location where they will be placing their pile. Piles will still need to be located close to the roadway and in an easily visible location for the crews. 
  • Residents will now also be able to view their reservation status so that they can verify if the pickup is still outstanding or has been retrieved. They will also be able to cancel from the same viewing page. 
  • Text alerts will be sent out at the beginning of each event week to remind those who have signed up that the chipper is coming. 

The 2022 Marin ChipperDay program resulted in 3,307 pickups countywide, a 29% increase vs. the prior year, and the removal of 10,502 cubic yards of flammable material, a 25.7% increase vs. prior year.* 90.5% of participating residents said the free curb pick-up program caused them to remove hazardous vegetation.* This is critical because 74% of residents also said they have more to remove.* 

Registration is already open for pre-season ChipperDay sign-ups. Help make an even bigger difference by registering here at or sharing the link with your neighbors.

*Data Source: Fire Aside is a software platform that supports Fire Agencies and Fire Safe Councils in their mission to help communities adapt to wildfire.  Fire Aside’s ChipperDay software is currently available in over a dozen Northern California counties from Pluma to Monterey and supports over 1MM residences. Fire Aside is in its 4th year supporting the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority and its member Fire Agencies.

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