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A fire-smart landscaping tip from UC Marin Master Gardeners

Use these important fire-smart and water-wise landscaping strategies:

● Help your soil maintain moisture by using compost and appropriate fire-smart mulches.

● Avoid planting new plants during the hot summer months. They need more water to establish themselves and thrive.

● Learn how much water your plants need and give them the right amount. This will help keep your plants healthy and happy.

● Water your plants in the early morning, applying water to the base of the plant within its dripline.

● OVER IRRIGATION IS COMMON. Consider using flow meters, soaker hoses, drip irrigation, and irrigation controllers for more efficient administration and monitoring.

● Use fertilizers sparingly. They make plants grow quickly and require more water to support new growth.

● Remove invasive plants and weeds which take water from other plants. Reduce the size of your thirsty lawn.

● On days with Red Flag warnings, avoid changing your irrigation schedule or using more water. Using excessive water for irrigation reduces the water available to our fire personnel.

● Watch this video to learn how to prioritize your plants to conserve water for landscaping.

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