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We are excited to share a few projects that have been happening this year to bring wildfire education to the students of Marin. 

Our team is in our second year of working with the MarinSEL(School of Environmental Leadership) program at Terra Linda High School. Each semester students complete LEAD projects (Leadership and Environmental Action Development). We have been working with a group of freshman students that are focusing on the topic of wildfire preparation. The first semester students wrote research papers and created a presentation for a classroom of middle schoolers at Miller Creek. They also took part in a volunteer day pulling broom at San Pedro Hill. A new group of students will join us for the second semester and they will create games and activities to be presented at Ember Stomp. These students have brought creative and thoughtful ideas and it has been a pleasure to work with them. 

MarinSEL students at Terra Linda High School in San Rafa

Fire Safe Marin has also teamed up with Ross Valley Fire Department to bring a wildfire preparation program called  Read, Set, Go! to 5th-grade classrooms. The program features a series of short (3-4 minute) video lessons and activities for students, and includes a Teachers’ Guide to extend learning and a homework assignment for the kids to share with their families.  After the lesson, the Ross Valley Fire Department visited schools, helping to make the program a memorable experience for all.  

This wildfire preparation program was a big hit with the students and teachers at San Domenico Elementary School. 

5th Grade teacher Cynthia Trapanese describes the experience:

“The Ready, Set, Go! program was an excellent opportunity to bring the Next Generation Science Standards into real-world context for our fifth graders. We have been studying Earth’s spheres…geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere, and fire is one of the most dramatic ways that the spheres interact. The program is well-designed and written, with prompted discussions about fire, preparedness, and safety. The visit from the fire truck with the knowledgeable firefighters and staff added another dimension of community context. The students are still talking about what it felt like to sit in the truck! This program was completely ready to teach with slides, videos, and discussion prompts. A handout to have home/family discussions is included. And planning the fire truck visit after was a breeze. Thank you Fire Safe Marin and the Ross Valley Fire Department!”

The Ready, Set, Go! program culminated with a visit by Ross Valley Fire.

If you are interested in collaborating with Fire Safe Marin, email info@rich


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