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Wildfires Raging Across Northern California – ARE YOU PREPARED?

By September 19, 2014October 20th, 2021No Comments

Marin County firefighters are fighting fires across northern California today, following a week of intense fire activity.  A fast moving wildfire in Weed, near Mt Shasta, burned more than 200 homes in a few hours, devastating nearly half of the town.  The King Fire near Tahoe tripled in size yesterday, and has forced more than 2000 evacuations.  Marin firefighters are currently assisting on both of these devastating fires.

Fire Safe Marin reminds all Marin residents that the danger is particularly severe right in your backyard!  Take time today to complete simple steps to prepare your home, even if you’ve already created your required “Defensible Space.”  

  1. Check and clean your rain gutters and roof.  Even a tiny handful of leaves or needles is enough to destroy your home when a nearby wildfire drops embers.
  2. Clean all fallen leaves and needles within 30′ of your home.
  3. Keep your property clean and free of stored combustibles like firewood.  Move outdoor furniture away from buildings if it’s made from wood, plastic, or has foam cusions.
  4. Cut all grasses within 100′ of all structures.
  5. Ensure that your family has an escape plan, and practice your evacuation plan before it’s too late.
  6. Follow our guides for creating Defensible Space and hardening your home, but ensure that steps 1-4 are complete TODAY!

Fire Safe Marin

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