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Clear shrubs encroaching on roadway or driveway

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Brush or shrubs must not extend into roadways or driveways. Prune shrubs back so that no part of the shrub extends over the improved road surface. No combustible growth is allowed within 10′ of the road’s edge. Property owners are responsible for maintaining roadside vegetation, even in the public right-of-way.

How does driveway and roadside maintenance help you?

In Marin, there are several homes located within the wildland urban interface (WUI) with minimal road access points or steep, narrow roads. Properly maintaining vegetation near your driveway and along the roadsides abutting your property will improve the evacuation paths for you and your family and provide easier and safer access to first responders.

Maintenance is required year-round.

What do I do about it?

  1. Prune shrubs back so that no part extends over the paved road surface.
  2. Work safely. In some cases, it may be smart to ask for expert advice from a licensed contractor.
  3. Sign up for Chipper Days for free vegetation removal.

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