Ember Stomp will feature many hands-on activities and entertainment for the whole family. Check back often to find out more about the fun and immersive experience you can expect to see at the festival.

Model House Demo

Did you know that up to 90% of homes ignite by embers flying ahead of a wildfire? At Ember Stomp, immerse yourself in an ember-resistant model house.  The 8′ x 4′ small demo house will have features like fire-resistant siding, ember and flame resistant vents, ember resistant decking, and gutters with ember resistant screening.  Learn about how tempered double pane windows and enclosed roof soffits can protect against wildfire. Ember-resistant product manufacturers and contractors will be on-site to answer your questions.  Thank you to Carey Hagglund Condy Realtors for making this demo possible.

Fire Smart Garden Demo

Explore a fire smart garden demonstration area and learn all about what a well-designed fire smart landscape looks like. Using fire-resistant and drought-tolerant plants, materials, and designs can prevent the spread of fire to your home.

Goats & Sheep

Star Creek Land Stewards

Families will love meeting goats on the Fairgrounds Island. Learn all about the goats and sheep of Star Creek Land Stewards, a targeted grazing outfit that has developed programs in Marin County and the state of California to reduce wildfire by creating or maintaining fuel breaks, controlling undesirable vegetation, encouraging desirable vegetation, and improving wildlife habitat with its herd of goats and sheep.

Magician and Juggler

James Chan

Meet magician and juggler, James Chan. At age 5, James was juggling 3 balls, at age 8 he was juggling 5 balls & three flaming torches and by age 10 he was picking pockets. Come prepared to be entertained by James’s magic. Fun for all ages.

Irish Fire Fables

Join Irish storyteller Mia Mcfarland for tales of fire from around the world. Telling stories about the origins of fire has been part of traditions from every continent. This family-friendly storytime will transport you back in time and show us that fire is an important part of this world. We can now see wildfire as this bad thing but it is a part of the natural ecosystem and through storytelling, we realize how we can find new ways to understand and relate to fire. 

Ember Golf

Think fair games meet wildfire prevention! Can you throw the wildfire ember into the area where wildfire prevention has been done so it doesn’t land in Juniper or leaf litter and start a fire? We need to understand the science behind wildfire embers and how to start and spread wildfire. This game invites you to challenge your bean bag throwing abilities while learning ways to stop embers from catching your house on fire.

Green Bin Tos

Your green bin is a wildfire prevention superstar! Throw the leaf bean bags into the rings on top of the green bins- the smallest ring gets you more points! Keep track of your points and see how many leaves you can get into the green bin. Leaf litter is tinder for wildfire embers. Clearing leaves from your gutters and yards takes away fuel from the fire.

Go-Bag Relay Races

Have you packed your go-bag? We will be reviewing the important items that go into a go-kit and introduce some friendly competition to the process. Prizes for participants! 

Guided Island Tours

Join Rich Shortall, Director of Fire Safe Marin, for a tour of the main features of the island. He will be sharing his experience and knowledge of preparing and planning for wildfire. Follow his tour guide flag to the demo ember house, demo fire-smart landscaping area, Star Creek Land Stewards goats, and MORE!

Stomp the Expert

What questions do you have about wildfire prevention? Get the chance to ask your burning questions to experts with decades of experience in the field. 

Bird Nesting Presentations