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We are getting to the height of fire season which means we all need to be ready. Follow these fire-smart tips from the UC Master Gardeners to get your yard ready too!

● Continuously clear dead leaves, branches, and debris from around your home, especially from your roof and gutters.
● Maintain a clearance of 10 feet between tree limbs and your chimney, and 5 feet from the rest of the home.
● Regularly prune trees and shrubs to remove dead branches and increase space in tree canopies to reduce flammable fuel.
● Remove low-hanging branches from trees to create space between lower vegetation to reduce the risk of fire ladders.
● Keep vegetation from overhanging or touching power lines.
● Remove any dead vegetation and dry grasses from the landscape to reduce potential fuel.
● Regularly inspect plants for drought stress and water appropriately to keep plants healthy.

For more information visit UC Marin Master Gardener website

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