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United in Wildfire Prevention

On a recent Saturday morning, the Alta Molino Firewise/NRG Community along with Friends of Mill Valley Steps Lanes and Paths (MV SLP) hosted a clean-up event in their neighborhood, Kathleen Norris Park, and the #110 SLP path that travels through that open area.

Norris park is bordered by 6 large Eucalyptus trees which has caused a large volume of flammable piles of eucalyptus debris within the park. 11 Alta Molino Firewise Community volunteers and 6 SLP Friends, along with Mill Valley Vice Mayor Urban Carmel, spent the morning raking down the many years of eucalyptus debris from the hillside and surrounding the evacuation pathway leading from Helens Lane down to Lockwood Lane. Although much work was done to clear the path and hill side, much remains to make this area and the neighborhood fire safe.

The efforts of this community is creating a wildfire-adapted landscape!

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