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The Fire-Smart Sanctuary
Create a fire-smart sanctuary. By using sustainable and earth friendly garden practices, your garden can be a place for pollinators and insects to travel through, making it a pollinator corridor.  


  • The UC Marin Master Gardeners have plant lists to help homeowners select attractive, easy care, water wise, and pollinator friendly plants. California natives are a good choice that include important host and nectar plants.
  • Remove invasive plants. Unfortunately, excessive clearing or “scorched earth” gardening provides a vulnerable entry point for the plants we do not want. 
  • When problems arrive, use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for the least toxic and most natural methods of pest management. Avoid pesticides that can harm birds and other wildlife.
  • Nurture the soil to protect the life in it. Add compost and organic materials rather than synthetic fertilizers.  

Make your garden sustainable, healthy and fire-smart.
For plant lists visit
For more information visit FIRE-SMART LANDSCAPING – UC Marin Master Gardeners

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