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Maintain Plants Along Home Exit Routes

Remove climbing vines and wood planters near windows and doors.

May is a good month to observe the health of plantings along the exit routes from your home to your vehicle. Exits may be through doors or windows and along a path to a vehicle parked on a street, a detached garage, or a meeting place with neighbors. Embers can ignite combustible material along your exit route, possibly preventing you from exiting your home or a fire fighter from entering.

  • Identify the escape routes to your vehicle
  • Remove or move jute door mats, wood planters and other combustible materials from your exits
  • Assess the health and condition of the plants along each route
  • Remove dead plant material and plant debris 
  • Remove vines near doors or windows
  • Replace wood gates, arbors or trellises near exit routes with noncombustible material

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