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Right Plant, Right Place

U C Marin Master Gardeners always say to plant the “right plant in the right place” as a formula for success. In a fire-smart landscape there are no fire-resistant plants, since all plants can burn. Plants should be water wise and ecologically sound, well maintained and in good health. Add proper irrigation and maintenance, and keep them free of dead material and fallen leaves.

  • For easy maintenance and water savings, a good choice is California natives.
  • Choose pollinator-friendly, summer dry, and winter wet plants for our Marin Mediterranean climate.
  • Create a mosaic, a patchwork of plants within the garden.
  • Ensure the separation of shrubby bushes, perennials, and groundcovers using the right mulch, rock, or pavers.
  • Ensure fire-smart spacing of shrubby bushes by regularly pruning

A fire-smart landscape can preserve habitat, provide pollinator corridors, and enhance your home. Questions about creating a fire-smart landscape? Visit

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