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UC Master Gardener: Fire-Smart Landscaping Tip – November

Plant Spacing in the Defensible Landscape.

A fire-smart gardening tip from UC Marin Master Gardeners. Space trees and shrubs in your garden to minimize the transmission of fire from one plant to another and ultimately your house.

  • Space trees so that at maturity their crowns are 10 – 15 feet apart or more, and avoid planting trees in rows or hedges.
  • Remove tree branches 6 feet from the ground. If a plant is under a tree, allow extra space. Spacing on slopes increase as grade of slope increases.
  • Avoid massing shrubs at the base of trees or adjacent to structures, especially under eaves, overhangs, windows, or decks.

With proper plant spacing, your landscape can be fire-smart, healthy, organized, and beautiful. Questions about creating a fire-smart landscape?  Visit


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