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Wildfire Preparedness: A Community Responsibility


Follow Fire Safe Marin this Wildfire Preparedness Week, May 3-9, 2015

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In the face of one of California’s worst droughts in recorded history, water shortages dominate the headlines. However, with the warmer months coming and our green hills beginning to turn to gold, the threat of wildfire looms. Fire officials are bracing for the state’s worst ever wildfire season as the lack of rain has accelerated the onset of the season. Here in Marin, and throughout the state, fire officials are going to peak staffing levels at least a month earlier than normal in response to the dry conditions. 

With these conditions in mind, observing Wildfire Preparedness Day this Saturday May 2, and Wildfire Awareness Week May 3 – 9, is even more important than usual. We invite you to take advantage of the many programs and services available to Marinites to better protect your homes from wildfire by visiting the Fire Safe Marin website

Fire Safe Marin is a non-profit representing fire agencies, public land managers, and community-based groups. They offer education events, funding for “chipper days” and other planning services. 

At, you’ll find detailed instructions and advice on how to create “defensible space” around your home, and will learn about fire resistant constructionbuilding materials, and other measures you can take to reduce the chances your home will ignite in a wildfire.  Work with your neighbors to learn how to be ready and support each other during a disaster.  Lastly, learn how you can quickly and safely evacuate your home should wildfire strike.

As we mark 2015 Wildfire Preparedness Week, Fire Safe Marin is actively engaging the community, embarking on our most ambitious program ever to reduce Marin’s wildfire threat.  With $814,000 applied directly on wildfire hazard reduction projects in Marin in 2014 and 2015, our programs range from the installation of high-tech wildfire detection cameras, to funding neighborhood chipper programs and large scale fuel reduction programs.

For more information on disaster preparedness, please visit the websites below.

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Marin has seen many destructive wildfires, such as the Great Mill Valley Fire of 1929 and the Vision Fire in Inverness in 1995.  Community safety depends on the strongest of partnerships that start at home, extends to your neighbors, and reaches across the entire community of Marin. 

Please join us and take action today!

Mike Swezy
President, Fire Safe Marin