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Adapt to Wildfire Campaign

Fire Safe Marin and The Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority (MWPA) have collaborated to develop a new public information campaign that focuses on empowering residents to take part in reducing community risk from wildfire. A variety of messages have been developed and each one outlines a unique motivation for adapting to wildfire. The series encourage residents to learn how to take proactive action to prepare for wildfire.

MWPA’s mission is to lead the development of a fire adapted Marin County and Fire Safe Marin is helping to further that mission through resident outreach.

“One of the goals of this campaign is to change social norms from one of fear and apathy to an empowered, adaptive culture here in Marin,” Rich Shortall, Executive Coordinator at FireSafe Marin explained. “We think that focusing on people’s motivations for adapting can really become a conversation starter with the community.”

 “If people want to live anywhere in the West right now, they need to learn to adapt to wildfire. Everyone has a role to play in making that happen,” stated Mark Brown, Executive Officer of MWPA. “This campaign builds awareness about a necessary culture shift in the face of longer and more intense wildfire seasons. People need to understand that the biggest actions they can take to protect themselves and their families is to become active participants in adapting their homes and properties for wildfire.” 

The first phase of the campaign launched in late February. Future phases will include Spanish language materials and targeted messaging using a wide variety of distribution channels throughout Marin County. 

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