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Practice Your Evacuation Plan

Preparedness is a state of mind. 

Living in Marin means living with wildfire. Being ready for an evacuation order is a critical part of being wildfire adapted. Let’s make sure you have a plan and practice that plan. 

Ways to prepare:

  1. Download the evacuation checklist
  2. Sit down with your household and review the checklist to make an evacuation plan
  3. Sign up for alerts at 
  4. Assign different tasks for people to complete if there is an evacuation order
  5. Upload important documents to the cloud 
  6. Pack or update your go-bag
  7. Make an evacuation plan and go-bag for your pets 


Set a timer for 15 minutes and see if you can get all of your things together in that amount of time. 
If you want to get your neighborhood involved in an evacuation practice, get some ideas from our evacuation guide. Email if you have any questions.

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